Glow, Don't Shine!

Welcome to the revolution in face oil control - our Volcanic Stone Roller is here to transform your makeup game.

No More Cakey Make-Up!

Get an oily-free make up look instantly with our best selling volcanic stone face roller that's revolutionizing the make-up game.

It's the perfect way to instantly keep your make up matte and fresh-looking all day long!

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  • I was pleasantly surprised with this tool. I really wasn’t sure if it would work effectively but it did. It took the shine right off my forehead.

    ~ Lina Kh.

  • It is the second time I buy this product. Very helpful for oily skin and small enough to put in my handbag.

    ~ Rita K.

  • I love mine, thought it wouldn't work, but IT DOES!!!! I have oily skin, I love that I have a cheaper & eco-friendly option other than the oil absorbing sheets.

    ~Marie R.

  • Very easy to clean and so much cheaper than rebuying oil blotting sheets.

    ~ Jana R.

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Got Questions? We've Got You Covered!

How does the Volcano Rock Roller work?

Our roller is made from natural volcanic rock, which is highly absorbent and instantly soaks up excess oil for a shine-free, matte look.

Can I use the roller with or without makeup?

Yes! Our roller can be used both over makeup or on bare skin to help control excess oil.

How often should I use the roller?

The beauty of our Volcanic Roller is that it can be used as often as you need, whether that's once a day or multiple times throughout the day.

When should I clean my stone?

The frequency of cleaning really depends on usage. In general, the more you use it, the more frequently you should wash it. For example, if you use it daily, you should wash it at least twice a week.

How do I use the extra volcano stone?

You can find in the roller an extra volcano stone, to be used when:

  • Your old stone is no longer working (after 2 months)
  • You don't have access to clean to clean your used stone, and a need a roll to mattify your make-up.

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